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Solemn Sasuke, Aug 28, 10 2:43 PM.
    When a chuunin exam in which one of the jinchuuriki participants gets provoked, a bijuu is unleashed and a number of important people from various countries are killed in the aftermath. There is an overreaction to the disaster, and the great countries succumb to anger and revenge; a war between these nations erupts. Each country is plagued by poor living conditions and famine as result of villages that were used as battle grounds. In the midst of the war that was nearing its relentless end with tolls heavy on every side, as a result of the battlegrounds and poor living conditions a disease emerges that kills anyone—shinobi or not—who is exposed to it. The conflict comes to a standstill as no one wants to contract the disease from those already affected.  Setting aside their differences in the face of a much more dangerous problem, the nations gather the brightest medical shinobi to find a cure. In the end it is a human who used practical science, something hitherto ignored by everyone except for a few dedicated scientists, and found a cure.
     The nations agree to closely monitor and control their jinchuuriki, and a fold of peace comes over the great nations. With the cure's victory planting a seed of hope with their cause, scientists progress into a new era. Great research centers flourish under the control of the human population in each of the great nations.

    At the end of the great war, an organization composed of missing-nin from the five great nations, has formed. Leaving either as a personal choice or banished for some wrong-doing, these members sought to legitimize the organization by establishing a hierarchy of power and pooling in money by killing bingo book shinobi and collecting bounties. The organization's existence, however, proved to be short lived when a difference of opinion that started as a nuisance when decisions needed to be made soon grew into something that could no longer be ignored. A great schism within the organization occurred, with the fathering organization dissipating and the factions regrouping to form two separate organizations.
    First are the Traditionalists, who see technology and the progression of science as a threat to the established way of ninja because it would, little by little, diminish a need for their existence. While continuing to bring in income through questionable means such as the collection of bounties and human trafficking, they are also targeting large science centers as well as individuals who are dedicated to the research and progression of technology.
    The other organization consists of the Modernists, who see the coming age of technology as impossible to stop and wish to embrace the technology in order to become even stronger. They plant moles into the research facilities to steal the latest technology, establishing a monopoly and then raking in enormous amounts of money through the production and sale of said technology...anything from medicine to televisions.

Current Tensions
    The great nations have been experiencing peace for a long time, and technology continues to grow. An imbalance of power amongst the countries has, however, slowly become apparent. Countries failing to employ the latest technology, and also countries who cannot afford it are beginning to see a noticeable recession in their economies. The Wind's daimyo is looking for ways to solve the increasing malaise of his country, especially after a prolonged drought. Deciding that technology is the only way to solve the problems of the Wind, he sends many promising students to different countries in order to learn science. He begins to cut the budget for Sunagakure, but reasons with the Kazekage that a handful of shinobi can be sent over to Konoha to undergo shinobi training programs there. To solve the nation's water shortage problem, the daimyo turns his sights to one of the weaker bordering countries. Opening up correspondence with the Modernists, he begins to negotiate a possible attack on the bordering country, hoping to use the Modernists' canal technology to bring in water to the Wind country in return for loyalty to the Modernist cause.
    As rumors that the Modernists and Traditionalists have been influencing the other great nations are spreading, many have been turning their sights to Konoha as the future of technology's influence may very well depend on the Hokage's decisions. Although there are extremist opinions that Konoha is swaying in both directions, the Hokage believes that there can be a balance. Fearful that science can bring not only good but also destruction, he warily advocates the careful application of technology.
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